Need For Registration with India Cybercrime Centre

Why do you need to register with India Cybercrime Centre?

India Cybercrime Centre is committed towards sensitizing about the legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to cybercrime in India in general and online financial fraud in particular. If you register with India Cybercrime Centre, you will immediately have a user name and password to access some and customised valuable resources at one place to immediately let you know what you need to be doing, once you lose your money.

At a time when a victim loses his/her money, he/she needs immediate cogent practical inputs on what he/she should be doing.

In India where every person assumes to be an expert and where there are thousands of opinions available from people around you, it is important that you must know the exact practical and legal steps going forward.

By registering with India Cybercrime Centre, you would be able to get access to its Knowledge Repository. The India Cybercrime Centre Knowledge Repository will have various relevant, important and pertinent information put together at one place for your easy reference. 

This Repository would also have some practical tips for you to have a look at and follow them accordingly.  It will also enable you to receive a periodic news letter from the India Cybercrime Centre. It will also sensitize you about the emerging trends of online financial fraud in the Indian context.

The India Cybercrime Centre Knowledge Repository would enable you to have access to sufficient information which can sensitize you about your legal rights, duties and obligations when you become a victim of an online financial fraud. 

If you want, you can use the said resources for the purposes of taking steps on a self-help basis. Alternatively, if you want India Cybercrime Centre to assist you in drafting of your appropriate complaints, India Cybercrime Centre can further assist you by providing its services at stipulated rates.