Registration With India Cybercrime Centre

If you are a victim of an online fraud or financial fraud and you don’t know where to go, then India Cybercrime Centre can help you in understanding the current legal and practical landscape and sensitize you on what all you should be or could be doing, in order to get your moneys back.

When an online financial fraud takes place, the first immediate priority of its victim is to get his/her money back. Punishing cyber criminal is the last priority of the victim. Though in some cases, the victim only wants the punishment for cyber criminals and does not want the money back.

In any case, the landscape in India is a very complex and complicated one.  It is not that once you lose money, you can’t get money back.

The law does provide various options and remedies to get your money back.  What are your various options? What are your practical strategies going forward and what could be the potential steps that you could take, once you lose your money in an online fraud or financial fraud?  These and variety of other aspects will be sensitized to you on your registering with the India Cybercrime Centre.